Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jan Goldsmith: Chargers' last hope in San Diego?

Newly-elected city attorney Jan Goldsmith may be the Chargers’ last hope of staying in San Diego.

The team certainly wasn’t ever going to work out a stadium deal with current contentious city attorney Mike Aguirre.

Until Tuesday’s elections, the alternatives were:
(a) a new stadium in Chula Vista
(b) a new stadium at the 10th Avenue Terminal near downtown

Chula Vista won’t happen because it would be wrong to build a billion-dollar stadium in a city cutting back on employees.

The 10th Avenue Terminal is out now that the fine citizens of San Diego voted not to build a deck/possible stadium on top of the terminal.

That really narrows it down to one location: The current site at Qualcomm Stadium.

With the constant bickering between the Chargers and Aguirre, a new stadium wasn’t going to happen in the city of San Diego.

With Goldsmith, at least the Chargers should/will negotiate.

There’s no better place to build than the current Mission Valley site of Qualcomm Stadium.

It’s third and long: We’ll see whether the Chargers run a bootleg out of town or have civil negotiations with Goldsmith.


sam said...

Aguirre has been a pain in the butt. Let's hope this keeps the Chargers in San Diego. Btw, Mark Fabiani weighed in on this blog once before. I wonder what he thinks of Goldsmith winning?

Anonymous said...

Do the Chargers really need a new stadium? They just fixed up Qualcomm 10 years ago for the Super Bowl. They are so typical of why the economy has gone south: The more you give them; the more they want!