Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Padres should close out Hoffman era

Sorry, but it’s time for Trevor Hoffman and the Padres to go their separate ways.

This is certainly not a knock on Hoffman. Nor is it one on the organization.

With all of the acrimony at this point, it would just be best for everyone if Hoffman departs.

If Hoffman has anything left at age 41, then he should be part of a pennant contender. It isn’t going to happen in San Diego.

Since the Padres are obviously rebuilding, they need to discover the identity of their next closer.

Hoffman, the all-time saves leader in Major League Baseball, has been an icon in San Diego for more than a decade.

But last season, it became apparent there wasn’t much gas left in his tank. His 2008 ERA of 3.77 paled in comparison to his career ERA of 2.78.

And remember, Hoffman came to the Padres in 1993 as part of a fire sale from the Florida Marlins.

For those old enough to recall, Hoffman was booed during his early years with the Padres because he represented (not by his own desire) the fire sale of the franchise.

Now, in a very similar situation, it’s time to find out whether Heath Bell can come within 50% of being the next Hoffman.

Maybe he will. Maybe he’ll be the next Gary Lucas.

But in either case, it’s time for Hoffman to join a contender … and the Padres to find their next closer.


Anonymous said...

I heard Alderson on the radio & can actually agree with what he's saying. The Padres made Hoffman an offer that he let sit for 4 weeks. What are they supposed to do wait until Christmas for him to decide? For better or worse, they need to get moving on next year.

kareem said...

I agree it is time for the Padres and Hoffman to part ways. Hoffman does not have many years left and he should go to a place where he can at least catch a glimpse of the playoffs again and cap his career off in a good way. The Padres will be attempting to rebuild this team for a while to come and need to find out what pitcher can step into the void as their new closer. Will it be Bell or someone else? It is defintely time to begin the search as we attempt to rebuild the Padres.