Monday, November 10, 2008

There's no defense for the Chargers

Boy, was that “new look” Chargers’ defense impressive (tongue in cheek!)

Was it me, or did the “new” San Diego defense under Ron Rivera look the same as the old under Ted Cottrell?

Still no pressure on the quarterback. Still no turnovers in 13 quarters; and one in the past four games.

And still no stopping of another team’s final drive when the game was on the line.

With a 20-19 luck-out over Kansas City, the Chargers posed more questions than they answered.

What if the Chiefs hadn’t muffed a snap on an extra point? What if Kansas City had a decent play planned on a potential game-winning, 2-point conversion?

The Chargers would be looking at a 3-6 record, which still wouldn’t eliminate them from competition in the worst division ever in the NFL.

Under Rivera, it was the same-old, same-old for the Chargers defense.

The only players with above-average games defensively were Jamal Williams and Quentin Jammer.

Otherwise, this team was lucky KC played with a third-string quarterback, third-string running back and four defensive players who weren’t even on the team a week ago (and thus missed being included on the roster printed at mid-week.)

If the Chargers keep this up, they may not even post the 7-9 record it will take to win the woeful AFC West this season.


Anonymous said...

The Chargers got screwed on the pass interference call on Hart. But they still got 2 out of 3 calls. Bowe was inbounds when they called him out in the last 2 minutes. And Gonzalez was held on the two-point conversion. The Chiefs have just as much as the Chargers to argue about on bad calls.

kareem said...

I know the Chargers did not look that great Sunday but they did hang on and get the win. Twenty years from now it will just show as a W in the win column -- kind of like a texas leaguer in baseball looks like a line drive in the box scores the next day. They are one win closer to overcoming Denver for the lead in the Afc Worst; also know as the AFC West.