Thursday, March 26, 2009

Is NFL thinking about fans, or itself?

Is the NFL really, truly thinking of its fans?

Or is it just thinking of desperate measures for desperate times?

The suggestion that league owners may add one or two regular season games to each team’s schedule within three years is a great idea for NFL sports enthusiasts.

After all, as Commissioner Roger Goodell says of meaningless exhibition games: “A key point is the fans also recognize players they want to see are not in those preseason games. That's why they are not attractive. They want to see those players play.”

Funny, that after all these years, the NFL would think in such terms. Remember, it didn’t think twice about ripping off fans with four exhibition games per team (six exhibitions as little as 30 years ago) until the economy went south.

Do you know any season-ticket holders? I know two families with season tickets to the San Diego Chargers, and neither is renewing its seats in 2009 with a long list of reasons that start with the poor state of our economy.

There’s one other item for owners to consider: If players play more games that matter, they are going to want more money.

And with a possible lockout already looming after two more seasons, adding games (without adding to individual salaries) will not go over well with players.

For years, the NFL has continued with its high, haughty ways; getting away with murder on the fans while times were good. Now that times are bad, the NFL is feeling the pinch like everyone else.

It’s sad that so many families are hurting in America; but believe me, these NFL fat cats won’t be hurting no matter what transpires.

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sam said...

They should make people pay less for preseason games, even if they cut back on those games. People pay alot more in the postseason; why not pay much less in the preseason?