Thursday, March 5, 2009

Peavy shouldn't pitch in World Baseball Classic

Pardon me for being conservative, but I don’t like the idea of Jake Peavy being the starting pitcher for the USA this weekend in its first World Baseball Classic game.

Sorry, but the San Diego Padres’ ace does not have the kind of make-up to pitch in this event … as was proven three years ago.

He’s going to go too fast, too soon for someone who hasn’t even been in spring training for three weeks (just as he did in 2006.)

And, as you remember, Peavy had his worst recent season with the Padres in 2006.


Because of a shoulder injury presumably brought on by the World Baseball Classic that never completely healed three years ago.

Perhaps Padres teammate Chris Young says it best about the risks. He’s not going to pitch in spring training, go at a world-class level in the WBC, then go back to spring training.

Some pitchers have the make-up to do this; others don’t. (Peavy is among those in the “can’t do it” category.)

And the Padres really need him to have an injury-free/good season more than ever.

After all, if he’s not healthy and/or pitching well at midseason, their chances of trading Peavy and his contract will be nil.

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sam said...

You make a very good point. I remember what happened the last season after Peavy ptiched in the WBC.