Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pro athletes don't have right to abuse women

What is it with professional athletes who think they have the right to use and abuse women?

Take former NFL player Travis Henry, who has nine children by nine different women but refuses to pay child support.

Or what about Brian Giles of the San Diego Padres, who apparently thinks it’s OK to smack women as if they were a baseball coming in at 98 mph?

Henry’s case is a head-spinner.

Here is a guy whose career ended early due to a drug suspension, federal charges of cocaine trafficking and court date after court date related to his refusal to pay child support.

And yet, he contends that spending $250,000 on jewelry for himself “ain't a lot.” (As long as he doesn’t pay attention to his kids and spends on himself, evidently he thinks it’s all cool.)

OK, so Henry is now engaged, but he and his fiancee aren't planning on having any children. (Did he plan to have the other nine?)

Then there’s Giles. We already knew about the 2006 incident in Arizona where he pushed his girlfriend to the ground coming out of a nightclub.

Now we discover his ex-wife stated in 2004 that the Padres outfielder and his former girlfriend, Cheri Olvera, had “several physical altercations” in front of the Gileses' children. The ex-wife further claims Giles “struck Cheri with his forearm while they were at the McDonald's drive-thru (in 2004).”

The saddest part of this all? Fans will cheer for these guys as long as they produce on the field … no matter how rotten they are off the field.


Anonymous said...

Travis Henry should be castrated!!!

Theresa said...
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Anonymous said...

Don't forget Mark Maddox of the AZ Cardinals and the Buffalo Bills who now has 7 children by 4 women and isn't anywhere near current on his child support!

Anonymous said...

Mark Maddox - what can be said about a man who severs his parental rights to his children in the hopes of avoiding child support for 4 of the many children he has fathered. Another great example of NFL role models. Too bad it makes the good ones look bad!