Monday, March 2, 2009

AFC West is gaining on Chargers

Famous baseball player Satchel Paige was known for saying: “Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you.”

In the case of the Chargers, that “something” might be the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos.

Did you see where the Chiefs added quarterback Matt Cassel from the New England Patriots over the weekend?

Or how about the Broncos adding safeties Brian Dawkins from Philadelphia and Renaldo Hill from Miami?

The Chiefs were a quarterback away from having a decent team. Now they have him.
(And if not for two unlucky breaks, they would have swept the Chargers last season.)

The Broncos were a few defensive players away from rising to the next level. It appears they are getting what they need, too.

The Chargers?

Thus far, it appears General Manager A.J. Smith is content to sit on what he has.

Perhaps it’s time for Smith to look back, because a couple of somebodies are gaining on his team.

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Anonymous said...

Don't be so sure about the Broncos. They still have Cutler and he is a baby.