Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chargers' GM needs to step it up

General Manager A.J. Smith is rarely full of surprises, so give him credit for living up to his reputation in his “State of the Chargers” address.

The biggest shock is that linebacker Marques Harris will be allowed to test the market as an unrestricted free agent.

Harris made a lot of big plays on defense when he spelled the outside backers … most of all the sack in Week 4 at Oakland where he stripped the ball from QB JaMarcus Russell and turned the game around as the Chargers recovered from a 15-3 deficit.

It is basically yesterday’s news that DE Igor Olshansky, and OL Mike Goff and Jeremy Newberry aren’t coming back.

Speaking of the O-line, it’s a revelation that Marcus McNeill is going to take five months to rebound from neck surgery (but should be healthy by training camp.)

No wonder he had such a poor season in 2008.

And lest any of us should be surprised; Smith danced around questions concerning LaDainian Tomlinson and his status with the Chargers.

His strongest statements concerned that fact he hasn’t done so well himself the last two years (duh!) and that lots of players need to step it up.

“We've got some people who need to get their act together,” Smith said. “They know who they are.”

Certainly, the general manager should put himself at (or near) the top of that list.


Anonymous said...

AJ needs to quit blaming everyone else and look in the mirror and see what the biggest problem is with the team. He's lucky the Chargers are in a bad division; otherwise they wouldn't even be a playoff type team now.

Anonymous said...

KC got a very good QB with Cassel. Denver got two excellent safeties. Look out Chargers, here they come!!!!!