Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Selig not to blame for MLB's drug problems

Say what you want about MLB commissioner Bud Selig, but don’t blame him for the current drug mess in baseball.

Selig’s recent comments to Newsday are very revealing … and right on the money.

“I don't want to hear the commissioner turned a blind eye to this or he didn't care about it,” Selig said. “That annoys the you-know-what out of me. You bet I'm sensitive to the criticism. The reason I'm so frustrated is, if you look at our whole body of work, I think we've come farther than anyone ever dreamed possible.”
The commissioner rightly blames the problem on the players’ union.
“Starting in 1995, I tried to institute a steroid policy. Needless to say, it was met with strong resistance. We were fought by the union every step of the way.”

Despite the constant criticism Selig takes, he should not be criticized for these comments.

After all, it took Congress to get the players’ union to finally agree to a more stringent drug policy for MLB.

We all remember the likes of Rafael Palmeiro and Roger Clemens lying to Congress … Mark McGwire keeping silent because of his drug abuse … and the constant lies and more lies by Barry Bonds.

It’s a good thing Congress finally came along to help straighten out the drug policy in MLB.

Otherwise, people would still wrongly blame the commissioner and owners … rather than the players who thought they could get away with something when nobody was looking; except Jose Canseco.


kareem said...

Say what you want about Bud Selig; you like him you don't like him. This steroid problem cannot be laid at his feet as he tried for years to get a more stringent testing policy in place, but the union fought him to protect their juiced up players and big name stars. Thanks to Congress for taking the initiative to help clear up America's pastime.

Anonymous said...

Canseco was right, after all. Wow!!!!!