Monday, February 2, 2009

3D: Wave of the future in the NFL?

Did you see the Super Bowl ad in 3D at halftime for Sobe?

Pretty cool, huh.

Who knows; 3D may be the wave of the future for the NFL.

The Sobe ad certainly seemed to jump out at those of us watching in 3D.

And for those who viewed the San Diego Chargers-Oakland Raiders game in 3D on Dec. 4, the pictures sure appeared to jump out.

Whenever a player caught a ball near the sideline, he seemed to be coming right at you.

When the locker room attendant threw a towel at the camera, it looked like the towel would hit you.

When the Charger Girl cheerleaders were featured, it looked like they were falling out of their tops (and bottoms.)

If 3D is the future of the NFL, I’m not so sure if it will be possible to watch a full game in that manner.

But some of the 3D features are certainly attractive at this point.


barry said...

Nice photo! I did not have the three D glasses so I did not get to see the ads that way. I am sure it was an good experience from the way you described it.

Anonymous said...

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