Friday, January 30, 2009

Kurt Warner: Nice guys don't always finish last

You’ve probably heard the story by now, but it bears repeating.

He’s working in a grocery store at age 22. She’s there working at age 26.

He asks her out. She says “you don’t want to” because of her two kids from a previous marriage.

He doesn’t care and asks her out, anyway.

They get married. He plays in an arena football league.

Then one day, nine years ago, Kurt Warner wins the Super Bowl as quarterback of the St. Louis Rams.

We finally hear of his background. Warner is a decent Christian man who doesn’t call attention on himself by getting into trouble.

Subsequently, he bounces around for several years in the NFL. Now he’s playing for a Super Bowl championship Sunday when his Arizona Cardinals meet the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It would be lovely if this Cinderella story continued … but …

Steelers 27, Cardinals 20


Uncle Seth said...

This game will come down to the Steelers getting pressure on Warner. If they can get to him with 4 guys (3 lineman and 1 linebacker) than the Steelers should do fine. If they have to send 5 and 6 guys after him, Warner will tear them apart.

kareem said...

Cinderella finally had to come home from the ball. It was a great season for a good guy like Warner and a feel good story for the Cardinals getting to the Super Bowl. But in the end reality struck midnight and the glass slipper fell off and was shattered. Way to go Steelers but what a great unexpected season Cardinals; our hats are off to you.