Friday, January 23, 2009

WWE: Please make winners out of some losers!

Pay per view event No. 1 (of many) for 2009 is this Sunday with the Royal Rumble.

It’s all about who wins the individual matches, wins the battle royal and goes on to WrestleMania.

But while the attention will focus on the winners, we want to focus on four “losers” in the WWE whose storylines could be much stronger.

Finlay: He’s a fall guy for the likes of Jack Swagger these days. But with his “son” Hornswoggle by his side, he could be used much more creatively. How about a few wins by Finlay … and more air time for Hornswoggle, to draw some much-deserved attention to this fading duo?

Jillian: She can’t sing. But why can’t she wrestle? The fans just hate her. How about letting her win a couple times to give more legitimacy (bad word in wrestling) to her act?

Santino Marella: He was a great act when he came out of the crowd to win a title during his debut. Since then, he’s been lower than the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Why can’t he win a match anymore? Is WWE going to get rid of him by letting “girlfriend” Beth Phoenix kick his butt one more time?

Victoria: She’s mean; she’s nasty. She’s also a loser. When was the last time she won a match? With all the pretty girls winning all the matches, how about letting the mean one be a winner once in a while?

See you at the Rumble.

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