Sunday, January 4, 2009

Chargers seek to create more history

Let’s go back to a couple history lessons.

We all know that the Chargers:

Were the first team ever to start a season 0-4 and make the playoffs (1992)
Are the only team ever to start 4-8 and make the playoffs (2008)
Are the only team ever to win a division after being three games back with three to play (2008)

Now, can the Chargers write even more history?

If the Chargers and Baltimore Ravens both win in the coming weekend, the Chargers will be the first fourth-seeded team ever to host an AFC (or NFC) Championship.

The Ravens play Saturday afternoon at Tennessee; the Chargers on Sunday afternoon at Pittsburgh.

If they both win, they become the first No. 4 vs. No. 6 seeded teams to meet for a conference championship ... not the mention the Chargers would be the first 8-8 regular season team ever to host a title game.

The chances of it happening are about as big as Darren Sproles, but no offensive player had a better weekend.

With a lot of luck, it could be Ravens at Chargers on Jan. 18 to decided the AFC representative in the Super Bowl.
And by the way, if you have tickets for the Jan. 17 Monster Jam at Qualcomm Stadium, you might think about alternate plans that night.

The event could be postponed due to an AFC Championship Game the next day!


kareem said...

The Chargers are rewriting history. It will be a long shot or short shot as in your reference to Sproles stated but # 4 hosting # 6 for the AFC championship. Wow, that would be wild also it could lose some fans for the Chargers. If they are hosting the AFC Championship game and the Truck Monster Jam has to be cancelled it might make some of the Charger fans who are monster truck fans angry. What do you think, lol?

sdsporting said...

The Monster truck fans will have to get over it. If the Chargers make it to the AFC Championship at home, it'll be a bigger miracle than anything Robbie Knievel has ever achieved!

sam said...

I think the Chargers might be in trouble at Pittsburgh. I'm not so sure Sproles is durable enough to hold up for another game of that much pounding. The Steelers are favored by 6; I guess the bookies think the Chargers can't win without LT. They did last week, so why not again???