Monday, January 19, 2009

Chargers, Ravens ran on empty in playoffs

Let’s face it: The Baltimore Ravens simply ran out of gas in the playoffs.

Too many injuries. Too many road games.

(Not to mention the fact that the Pittsburgh Steelers are a better team.)

Does it remind you of somebody from a year ago?

Remember when the wounded Chargers went to the AFC Championship game a year ago with quarterback Philip Rivers coming off knee surgery, RB LaDainian Tomlinson unable to play nearly the entire game, and tight end Antonio Gates barely able to walk?

The Chargers had too many injuries and one too many road games ... not to mention that the (then) undefeated New England Patriots were the better team.

Ironically, nowadays, it often seems as if the road teams and the lower seeds have a better opportunity than the higher seeds to make the Super Bowl.

How often have you seen No. 1 seeds lose their first playoff games (re, the New York Giants and Tennessee Titans this season; not to mention the Chargers two seasons ago.)

Even so, in the end, being at home and being a higher seed did matter in the NFL playoffs.

How many people think the Arizona Cardinals would have won an NFC Championship game at Philadelphia? And don’t you think Baltimore would’ve had a better chance at home against Pittsburgh?

All things considered, I’d take my chances as a home team with a higher seed in the playoffs.


sam said...

Pittsburgh did win three road games before winning the Super Bowl three years ago. It can be done. Somebody needs to figure out why the number one seeds hardly ever make it to the Super Bowl.

kareem said...

It sure seems like alot of # 1 seeds don't make it to the Super Bowl, but having that home game for the conference championship sure makes a difference as it did in both games on Sunday. If that game is in Philly more than likely the Eagles are getting ready to head to Tampa and the Steelers game would have been a totally different game if that game was in Baltimore. But it wasn't and it shows how important winning your division in the regular season does matter. That is why we play the games.