Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chargers are obviously disappointed

There are two ways to look at the Chargers’ recently completed season.

A: They made an extraordinary run to make the playoffs and won a postseason game for the second straight year

B. They had a disappointing 9-9 season and fell far short of their ultimate goal of reaching the Super Bowl.

Obviously, the answer is “B.”

Did you see where the Chargers have fired two secondary coaches, their tight ends coach and offensive line coach?

Those firings usually only happen when a team underachieves (or a head coach goes 14-2 but can’t get along with the general manager.)

Already, the Chargers are admitting their performances left much to be desired against the pass, in their blocking and in the tight ends’ play.

These changes may only be the beginning of many at Chargers Park.

After all, a .500 record won’t make the playoffs forever as Denver, Oakland and Kansas City continue to rebuild in the AFC West.


sam said...

Why are the Chargers talking about getting rid of LT? Sproles can't play every down & Hester isn't ready. It doesn't look like they have a Plan B for losing LT.

kareem said...

Certainly the Chargers had a very disappointing year and unfortunately things could be worse next year if LT is not able to rebound from his injury and the fact that time is catching up to him. The Chargers could be in real trouble at running back. Sproles just isn't big enough to hold up to being the every down back and Hester out of LSU just doesn't appear to be ready to step up yet. Yes, 2009 could be a very hard year for the Chargers; fire all of the coaches you want to but if you can't find an effective every down running back, this team will suffer.