Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MLB Players: Few of character; many A-Frauds

Character is often defined as “doing the right thing when nobody’s looking.”

Under that definition, baseball is full of characters without character, right?


Let Alex Rodriguez and his recent revelation about steroid usage from 2001-03 stand as the latest Exhibit A.

To refresh your memory, A-Rod told Katie Couric a few years ago on national television that he never used steroids. But when Sports Illustrated discovered he really did use steroids, A-Rod had little recourse but to tell the truth.

A man of character? Hardly.

Then we have such baseball characters as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire and Miguel Tejada.

None wanted to reveal what they did behind closed doors (i.e. take steroids.) But when the truth comes out, you can bet they were all steroids users.

Bottom line: Don’t go describing them as men of “character.”

Rodriguez may have been referred to by his New York Yankees teammates as “A-Fraud.” But now that the truth is coming out, too high of a percentage of baseball players are nothing but A-Frauds.


buddy said...

I think just about every record in major league baseball is tainted. Notice how the biggest cheaters are setting the records. It's sad if they get away with it. There should be lots of asterisks in the record books!

kareem said...

Say it ain't so Joe, is going to become an all true response we are all going to hear about a lot of players that we have looked on as role models. In this high priced age of multi-million dollar contract people are having their character tested, and sadly, most of them are coming up short. Is it just coincidence that A-Fraud began admittedly using steroids after signing a huge contract of $252 million over ten years? So much pressure to perform well because of the huge contract. This sounds like some of the logic used by executives at Enron and other failed companies. There is so much pressure to perform that your character is put on the fire of testing and you have come up short. A-Fraud; absolutely!