Monday, February 9, 2009

Why does beer company sponsor Chargers?

Sometimes, it’s just better to let others do the talking.

So, in the wake of Chargers’ players Vincent Jackson and Jamal Williams facing driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) charges, we’re stepping aside today.

This letter from George Misthos in the Sunday edition of the San Diego Union-Tribune says it all:

“Kudos to the Chargers for helping to start the SafeRides Solutions program. However, in light of the recent drunken-driving incidents involving Chargers players, it is hypocritical to continue to have a beer company's name alongside the Chargers logo visable in the background of news conferences. This is sending the wrong message, and it is high time to find a new sponsor.”

Thank you, George. Well said!


sam said...

Great letter! The guy is write on. How can the Chargers be sponsored by a beer company then try to pass themselves off as being opposed to drinking???

kareem said...

Two front line players are arrested for possible DUI and their team's main sponsor is a beer company. What is wrong with this picture? All they allegedly did was imbibe in the company's big sponsor and then climb behind the wheel of a vehicle when their judgment was impaired. A professional athlete with impaired judgment -- that is so far fetched it is hard to believe, LOL. Who would of thunk it?