Sunday, April 20, 2008

Do the Padres need Mark Prior?

If all goes well, Mark Prior could be pitching for the Padres by June.
But do they really need him?

Maybe not, at this point.

The Padres lead the major leagues with 14 quality starts (six innings minimum, no more than three earned runs) in 19 games through Sunday.

After ace Jake Peavy, their best starters have actually been Randy Wolf and Justin Germano at the back of the rotation.

Chris Young (No. 2) and Greg Maddux (No. 3) are the only starters who have had their struggles thus far.

If and when Prior comes back, it will be like trading for him and obtaining another arm.

Should he come close to where he once was with the Chicago Cubs, he will definitely be a shot in the arm for the Padres.

This is a team with an abundance of pitching that is slow on speed and weak in power.

Too bad Prior can’t hit home runs and steal bases.


kareem said...

If Prior comes back to his normal self he will be an asset. Maybe we could trade him for someone who can hit their way out of a wet paper bag. If the Diamondbacks keep playing like they are it won't matter. The season will end by the all star break.

sam said...

Remember: Germano fell apart the second half of last season. Maybe, that's when Prior can step in for him.