Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why can't Padres' Peavy pitch on the road?

Has anybody else noticed that Jake Peavy is not pitching so well on the road this season?

Five starts do not a season make, but Peavy’s home/road splits are certainly interesting thus far.

In three home starts, the Padres ace has allowed just one run in 24 innings with 23 strikeouts.

On the road, it’s seven runs in 12 innings with six strikeouts in two starts.

Yes, it’s way, Way, WAY too early to draw conclusions, but the Peavy breakdown is interesting at this point.

People have made much out of how Padre hitters are “Petco-ized” at Petco Park because of the difficulty in hitting there.

But the reverse must also be asked: Are Padre pitchers being the opposite of Petco-ized on the road? (After all, they have allowed 44 runs in their last five road games.)

Tonight, they return to Petco Park to play the San Francisco Giants. If Petco is going to be used as an excuse for the Padres not hitting, then the same must go for the other team.

Peavy’s next start is Sunday at home vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks, but his next real test may come in his first May start at Florida.


sam said...

Peavy or no Peavy; this team stinks!

Eric Melendez said...

Why Can't Hoffman close a game. He made Bengie look like Barry last night!

steve said...

Hoffman is making everyone look like Barry Bonds. He better not last much longer as a closer!