Sunday, April 13, 2008

There's no power in the Padres

The Padres are going to need to win a lot more games like Sunday’s 1-0 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers.


There is simply no power in the Padres in 2008.

As of Sunday, the Padres have gone 55 innings without hitting a home run. Over the longer haul, they have just one home run in their last 76 innings.

The meaning: Padres pitchers will have to be on their game every day.

Starters Jake Peavy, Chris Young, Greg Maddux, Randy Wolf and Justin Germano have very little room for error. (Thus far, all but Young have been on their game in 2008.)

Cla Meredith and Heath Bell must keep being successful in the seventh and eighth innings; and Trevor Hoffman needs to get back on his horse in the ninth inning.

The Padres are supposedly a powerless team because of the vast dimensions of Petco Park. But that can’t explain why they only hit one homer in six games on their first trip through San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Unless the Padres start hitting the long ball, it could be a long season ahead.


sam said...

Boy, today's game was close. Hoffman keeps scaring me & these guys cant hit a lick. It better get better.

kareem said...

The Padres pitchers will truly have to be on their game if the team is going to have a good year: no power, no bench. It will have to be the pitching but how many games can you win 1-0? Only the season and time will tell.

kevin said...

Great article about the lack of power from the Padres. I imagine Arizona's offense will cool down a bit in the coming weeks. What I was surprised by is their pitching and defense considering they play in what is billed as a hitter's park.