Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No insult: Chargers haven't won anything

Radio talk show host Lee Hamilton recently said the Associated Press sent out a story that was “insulting” to the Chargers.

What was so insulting?

Read on:

SAN DIEGO. A team that has everything but wins nothing.

Now, what’s so insulting about that?

If you read the San Diego Union-Tribune, you know by now that the Chargers have absolutely everything.

And if you follow the NFL, you know the Chargers have won absolutely nothing when it comes to the Super Bowl.

No less an expert than Chargers General Manager A.J. Smith has said the team has won nothing.

This is the same Smith that the Union-Tribune has referred to as a genius, John Wayne, the smartest general manager ever in the NFL, etc.

It’s anything but insulting to say the Chargers have won nothing. To say they have won something is what’s really “insulting.”
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Anonymous said...

I heard LB Cooper got suspended four games for drugs. Maybe the biggest insult is the character of these guys. Rememeber Merriman? That's two LBs suspended for drugs. Not good.