Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Peavy: Victim of dirty photo, or dirty pitcher?

So, Major League Baseball will be watching Jake Peavy for dirty play … or dirty fingers … when the Padres staff ace pitches Friday night against the Dodgers in Los Angeles.

We all know by now that Peavy was caught on Fox TV with dirty fingers (see photo above) during his start last Saturday against the Dodgers.

Peavy has laughed off the incident; Padres Manager Bud Black says it might just have been residue from the resin bag.

Black’s theory is interesting in that a white resin bag probably wouldn’t make someone’s fingers black.

Anyway, Peavy better hope he has a good start Friday against the Dodgers; a team against which he owns an incredible 10-1 lifetime record.

If he does well, Peavygate will most likely fade into the sunset. If not, there will be questions about everything he has accomplished thus far in his brilliant career.

Even though the Friday is only one start out of about 35 per season for Peavy, the lingering suspicions of Peavygate make it among the most critical starts of his career.


patrick said...

Wow, that looks like Peavy got caught redhanded so to speak. I hope this doesn't hurt his pitching.

kareem said...

This will be disappointing if he is guilty but maybe it was just a dirty hand; who knows? I guess we will just have to wait and see this week at his next start if he is as good as he ever. This should go away, but if he struggles for any reason Peavygate will only get bigger and volume will only get louder about it.