Monday, October 13, 2008

Chargers impressive win is a (coin) toss up

Josh Lewin, the outstanding radio play-by-play voice of the Chargers, made an interesting comment in his postgame analysis Sunday night.

Lewin said the key to the Chargers’ 30-10 whipping of New England may have been winning the coin toss before the game.

How true!

It marked the first time in six games that the Chargers have won the toss. The interesting question was whether to receive or defer till the second half.

Coach Norv Turner wisely chose to go on offense first.

By doing so, the normally slow-starting Chargers were able to put a dagger in the Patriots right off the bat.

A 48-yard pass from Philip Rivers to Vincent Jackson on the first play from scrimmage got things going. From then on, the crowd was into the game.

It was 10-0 Chargers within 11 minutes; 17-3 Chargers by halftime.

If there was a lesson learned here, it was to take the ball first whenever winning the coin flip (and hope the other team defers if it wins the toss.)

For the first time this season, the Chargers truly looked like the Super Bowl team that multitudes have predicted.

Whether they make it to the Big Game is a toss up; let’s just hope they keep winning the coin toss!


Anonymous said...

Those looked like the old Chargers last night. I wonder why they can't play that way every week. We'll see what happens in Buffalo & London. That will be HUGE!!!

kareem said...

Another angle on the coin toss from the Chargers game is thety announced this on the broadcast on the radio. The Chargers win the toss and the game is over. New England was 3-1 going into that game; they had won the toss on the three games they won and lost it on their lone loss before Sunday night. So as was said at the time "The Chargers have won the toss, the game is over. Good night; drive safely on the way home."