Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Orleans Saints: No place like the road?

The NFL owes the New Orleans Saints a home game … or two.

Back in 2005, the Saints lost a home game because of Hurricane Katrina.

Their first scheduled home game was moved to Giants Stadium to face the New York Giants (with New Orleans designated as the home team.)

OK, so at that point; you’d think the NFL would owe the Saints a home game … and maybe the Giants a road game.

So what happens?

The Giants play the Miami Dolphins at London in 2007 with the Dolphins designated as the home team. Thus, the Giants don’t lose a home game … even though they were given an extra home game in 2005.

Now, the Saints are being designated as the “home” team in Sunday’s game against the Chargers in London. This means the Saints are losing another home game in New Orleans (this is not meant to say the Chargers should be deprived of a home game.)

Why do the Saints keep losing home games, but not the Giants?

It’s simple: Like all other sports leagues, the NFL is all about New York.

And that’s really too bad for the fine citizens of New Orleans.

Weekend predictions:
Chargers 23, Saints 20
Colorado State 38, San Diego State 17


Anonymous said...

It's funny that both teams are 3-4 yet New Orleans is in last place & the Chargers are practically in first. Just shows you that the NFC is better this year.

sam said...

Home field didn't matter. The Chargers probably aren't even going to be a .500 team this year. What Super Bowl? They tackle like San Diego State. Both San Diego teams need new head coaches and defensive coordinators.