Monday, October 6, 2008

Chargers: Where have you gone Michael Turner?

At some point, the Chargers need to re-evaluate their running back position.

How about now?

As the season has progressed, it’s becoming obvious that LaDainian Tomlinson is being more bothered by his injured toe than he is letting on.

He had 12 carries for just 35 yards in Sunday’s 17-10 stinker at Miami, being stopped from 1-yard out on fourth down when the Chargers could have tied the game.

Out of five games this season, Tomlinson has only had one above average performance; at Oakland. (And he always plays well there.)

On the other hand, Darren Sproles is emerging as the better back.

Consider the stats:

Tomlinson has 77 carries for 296 yards (3.8 average) and 4 TDs. He’s also caught 10 passes for 58 yards.

In a much more limited role, Sproles has 20 rushes for 106 yards (5.3 average.) He’s also caught 5 passes for 116 yards and 1 TD.

This is not to suggest that Sproles can be an every-down back. At 5-foot-6 and 180 pounds dripping wet, he can only take so much punishment.

The Chargers used to have an alternative named Michael Turner. All he has done is lead the NFL in rushing and boost the Atlanta Falcons to a surprising 3-2 record.

As Lance McCune of Bonsall said so well in a backhanded slap to coach Norv Turner of the 2-3 Chargers:

“Memo to A.J. Smith: Looks like you kept the wrong Turner.”


Anonymous said...

It's more than just the running backs. It's the whole offense, defense & special teams. But more then anything, it's the coaching staff. Norv is starting to show why he has such a bad coaching record as a head coach.

kareem said...

How much money would the Chargers pay now to have the output that Michael Turner is giving in Atlanta? We all know the main reason they did not sign him was money and we all though LT would come back strong but we were wrong. Turner is ripping it up in Atlanta and we are struggling running the ball in San Diego. Oh by the way Atlanta is 3-2 and we are 2-3. Coincidence? I think not.

mary said...

Why don't the Chargers ever use Jacob Hester? His college team won a national championship last year. I think he can fill the gap while the rest of these guys stumble.