Monday, October 20, 2008

Who is the worst football team in San Diego?

Who is the most disappointing football team in San Diego?

Is it:

The Chargers, who may not even make the playoffs?

San Diego State, which may not win another game?

You can make a case for both.

The Chargers were supposed to be good enough to win the Super Bowl. At 3-4, they would be out of the race already in some divisions … luckily; they’re in the worst NFL division in the AFC West.

The Aztecs were at least supposed to be competitive this year. After a 70-7 loss at New Mexico last week, one must wonder if they have given up on the season … and will suffer the first 10-loss season in school history.

How bad is it?

People are now starting to write letters to the editor again, questioning if Norv Turner is back to his historic losing ways as a head coach.

Yet there’s so little interest in SDSU football that there’s not even a Web site to be found.

Both teams are beyond disappointing at this point. There will be great interest (or lack of) to see which team can snap out of the doldrums.


sam said...

I think the Chargers are worse. They were expected to do SOMETHING this year.

kareem said...

I would have to say I am more disappointed with the Chargers as we all expected quite a bit from them this year. Remember the AFC represenative in the Super Bowl against another team that is a disappointment this season as well -- the Cowboys. With San Diego State expectations were not that high; but they were astronomical with the chargers. It reminds me of a famous quote to those who have been given much, much is expected.We all expected alot from the Chargers.

Anonymous said...

John Lynch on 1090AM just said San Diego State needs an oversight committee from the community to overlook the program since people at SDSU can't do it themselves. Good idea!!