Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chargers: Is there any defense for Rivera?

OK, so it’s all on Ron Rivera now to save the season for the Chargers.

He says he’s going to bring more pressure on defense. Players say his system will be more effective than under fired defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell.

Stay tuned.

Don’t be surprised if the revamped defense works right away.

After all, the Chargers return after this week’s bye to host the Kansas City Chiefs on Nov. 9.

It will be their first home games in four weeks, so the crowd will certainly be pumped up.

And what better way to break in a new defensive coordinator than against the Chiefs?

After all, what is there to fear against a team featuring Tyler Thigpen at quarterback and a disappearing Larry Johnson?

Heck, you would think a good community college team could stop the Chiefs.

The real Rivera test comes in mid-November with back-to-back-to-back games vs. Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and Atlanta.

Those games will make or break the season.

This week’s prediction:
Wyoming 27, San Diego State 22


sam said...

KC may beat these guys. They stink!!!!!!

barney said...

With Denver losing, the Chargers will be tied for first when they beat KC next week & Denver loses to Cleveland. Isn't it great when you are 4-5 and tied for first, lol.