Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chargers haven't accomplished anything, yet

The Chargers will try to do something Saturday night they have yet to do all season:

Beat a playoff team.

All eight of their wins during the regular season came against teams that failed to make the playoffs: Kansas City (twice), Oakland (twice), Denver, Tampa Bay, New England and the New York Jets.

Five of their eight losses were against teams in the playoffs: Carolina, Miami, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and Atlanta.

What does this all mean for the playoffs?

Nothing (and how many times this week will you hear everybody is 0-0 starting the playoffs?)

The Chargers did have some significant accomplishments:
They are the first team ever to start 4-8 and make the playoffs
They are the first team ever to make up a three-game deficit in the final three weeks of the season to win a division
They have not lost a December game in three years

Historically, the Chargers have had similar seasons:
In 1992, they became the first team ever to start a season 0-4 and make the playoffs
In 1995, they started 4-7 but made the playoffs by winning their final five games.

And by the way, the 1995 team lost its first playoff game at home to the Indianapolis Colts, 35-20.

The Chargers can only hope history does not repeat itself 13 years later.

Happy New Year!


sam said...

We'll find out who the real Chargers are now. Are they an NFL elite ... or somebody who took advantage of a weak division? Saturday will tell.

kareem said...

The Chargers lucky season continues. They knocked off the best coach in the AFC worst in Mike Shanahan with their win and unlikely trip to the playoffs. Shanahan has two Super Bowl rings and yet he goes 8-8 and 24-24 and he is out due to losing that three game lead over the Chargers. Very interesting!!!

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