Monday, December 8, 2008

Cincinnati-Virginia Tech don't belong in Orange Bowl

Why are Cincinnati and Virginia Tech playing in the Orange Bowl, one of five BCS games?

Let’s forget about the controversy over whether there should be a national championship playoff.

How about what happens on the other end of the BCS spectrum?

Cincinnati (Big East) and Virginia Tech (Atlantic Coast Conference) are only in a BCS game because their respective conferences are guaranteed a spot.

What does this say for conferences such as the Mountain West and Western Athletic, which clearly have more deserving teams this year?

The Poinsettia Bowl features Boise State (12-0) of the WAC against Texas Christian (10-2) of the Mountain West.

Boise State is ranked No. 9 in the Associated Press poll; TCU is No. 11. Each is ranked ahead of Orange Bowl competitors Cincinnati (No. 12) and Virginia Tech (No. 21).

Yet Boise State and TCU are playing pre-Christmas, while Cincinnati-Virginia Tech is featured on New Year’s Night. Ridiculous!

When you include Utah (No. 7) and Brigham Young (No. 17) along with TCU, the Mountain West has three teams rated ahead of Virginia Tech. Yet only Utah is in a BCS game via its perfect 12-0 season.

So while most people (rightfully) argue that the BCS should have an eight-team playoff to determine a national championship, the entire BCS needs to be revised.

There’s no way Cincinnati and Virginia Tech should be in a BCS game while the likes of Boise State, TCU and BYU are on the outside looking in.


kareem said...

Cincinnati and Virginia Tech have no business playing in the Orange Bowl just because they are in a certain conference. Better teams are going to lesser bowls because they are in a different conference. Basketball in the NCAA has it right; yes give certain conference champions a bid but give at large teams equal consideration. These teams in the Orange Bowl? Come on, let's get real!

sam said...

Who decided that the Big East and ACC should be in the BCS? It's a sham. One of these years -- and almost this year -- it looked like an unranked team would be in the BCS Orange Bowl. I don't know who makes those decisions; but they should be stripped of making anymore decisions!

oklahoma ollie said...

San Diego got some good games. You will enjoy watching Oklahoma State play; they are very entertaining. And that TCU-Boise State game will be good also.