Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chargers may be bad; instead of unlucky

It’s easy to say the Chargers suffered from bad luck with All-Pro linebacker Shawne Merriman injured for the season.

But there’s another way to look at it: The Chargers have also been very lucky in some regards.

Take the Denver Broncos. They are down to their No. 6 running back due to injuries … yet they are still beating out the Chargers in the AFC West.

Tatum Bell, the current running back, was selling cell phones for a living last month.

And how about a couple of the opponents this season?

Carolina played their Chargers when its start receiver Steve Smith was suspended; yet the Panthers still won.

Kansas City faced the Chargers the first time around with standout running back Larry Johnson on suspension; yet came within a fumbled snap on an extra point of winning.

There’s no doubt the Chargers are worse off without Merriman, but how would they be faring without their top five running backs … a la the Broncos?

Without a doubt, they would be doing a lot worse than the Broncos … who are making the playoffs; not excuses.

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kareem said...

It sure looks like the Chargers may just be a bad team. At the beginning of the season you did indeed think they were just unlucky with losing Merriman; but as the season goes on it continues to look as if they are just a bad team this year in a really bad division. Your point about the Broncos being down to running back number six and overcoming advesity is well taken. The Chargers need to look inward to where their problems are -- not luck; bad choices and bad players and especially a bad general manager with a coach who is a nice guy but has never proven he can win anywhere as a head coach.