Monday, December 1, 2008

Chargers' Norv Turner: It's time to go!

Let’s not even start out by saying that Norv Turner should be fired as head coach of the Chargers.

That’s so obvious … well; I guess we have to say it.

The only hope for Charger fans is that the team follows San Diego State’s lead.

Aztec coach Chuck Long was told he would be back for 2009 … but he’s gone.

We can only wish the Chargers do the same with their vote of confidence for Turner.

Owner Dean Spanos should have learned the first time.

When coach Bobby Ross and general manager Bobby Beathard were at odds, he fired the coach after the 1996 season.

Ten years later, he did the same thing when coach Marty Schottenheimer and general manager A.J. Smith were at odds. (Coach goes; GM stays.)

By 1998, the Chargers were in shambles. Same thing; 10 years later.

This year’s team has an offense that has turned offensive.

The Chargers could muster only 201 yards in Sunday’s 22-16 loss to the Atlanta Falcons, with their longest (and only) touchdown drive covering 20 yards.

If Turner is an offensive genius, he’s doing a good job of hiding it.

And speaking of hiding, that’s exactly what the Charger brass should do if it brings back Turner and his history of not making the playoffs for another season.


Anonymous said...

I heard where the Vegas books are betting on Norv to be fired. You can only hope. If he doesn't go the fans will; and so will the new stadium in Chula Vista or wherever.

Anonymous said...

I really hate to say it, but maybe that whiny Eli Manning and his family were right. This does seem like a disfunctional organization.

It goes all the way up to Spanos. Beathard and Ross didn't get along so he fired Ross. Team goes to crap and Beathard is shown the door. AJ Smith and Marty didn't get along, fires Marty. Team goes to crap...

If you have a winning team, the owner needs to make sure these people get along. The goal is to win games, not make the General Manager Happy. AJ obviously chose Norv because he wanted someone without a backbone that would just be his little puppet. AJ obviously Norv has never won anywhere as an NFL head coach but Spanos signed off on it to appease Smith -- WHAT A JOKE!

It was obvious that Spanos and AJ thought that AJ had put together such a great team that anyone could coach them (remember Barry Switzer's 1st year with the Cowboys).

NORV MUST GO, but Spanos needs to make sure they hire a real replacement. Not just another AJ puppet.

kareem said...

I must agree whole heartedly. Norv needs to go and so does Smith; start all over, it could not hurt.

sam said...

These guys are so pathetic that the Raiders will beat them. Yea, it's on Norv ... and AJ ... and Spanos. They turned a good ship into the titanic.

lou said...

I think Norv has lost the respect of not only the team (most of the guys) and fans. Last year was just the momentum from '06 and Marty. When many of the season ticket holders revolt, I think AJ will have to re-think everything. That's not easy for him to do.

Anonymous said...

funny how time proves people wrong isn't it??