Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life more than fair to Chargers?

We all know that life isn’t fair sometimes.

For the Chargers, that’s a good thing.

If they still somehow manage to make the playoffs by finishing with an 8-8 record, it won’t be fair to many teams.

After all, teams such as Indianapolis, Baltimore, Miami, New England and the New York Jets will each finish with a better record than the Chargers.

But some of them will be on the outside looking in – whether the Chargers make the playoffs or sit home in January.

And as local TV personality Michael Turko says: “That ain’t right.”

It may not have been right when Denver beat the Chargers on a bogus call by referee Ed Hochuli in Week 2, but now the playoff picture is more than fair to the Chargers.

If the Chargers don’t win this week at Tampa Bay, forget about it. The Denver Broncos are in and the Chargers are out from the AFC West.

Yet should the Chargers someone win Sunday at Tampa Bay and Denver loses at home to Buffalo, the AFC West all comes down to Denver at San Diego on Dec. 28.

Don’t count on it!

Tampa Bay 17, Chargers 13


kareem said...

This sure isn't the year for the Chargers to talk about life being fair. Certainly Ed Hochuli made a bad call that affected their season but to be 6-8 and still have a shot at the playoffs when other teams like the Jets and Patriots don't know if they will make it isn't fair. Like my dear old ganddaddy told me when I was a child: I dropped my ice cream in the dirt and my brothers were eating theirs while my melted on the ground wtih the ants enjoying it and I said it is not fair they have ice cream and I don't. He said son learn this lesson young and now life is not fair. That lesson has served me well all of my life.

Anonymous said...

The Chargers are lucky they're still in this. Since they are not playing Oakland or KC this week, they probably won't win. What a bad year. Norv/AJ need to go!!!

barry said...

The Chargers could be division winner at 8-8; who would have believed that at the mid point of the season? Man, did Buffalo step up in Denver and hand this opportunity to the Chargers, or what?