Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Brett Favre needs to stay retired

Brett Favre needs to call it quits for good.

Now, we’re hearing that he could make a comeback with the Minnesota Vikings in 2009.

Say it’s not so, Brett!

Favre should simply have let his Pro Football Hall of Fame career with the Green Bay Packers stand on its own.

Last season, he faded down the stretch … which is why his New York Jets faded out of the playoff picture and cost coach Eric Mangini his job.

That’s a good indicator Favre is no longer up to playing a 16-game season.

In addition, more than one of his Jets teammates talked about how Favre was elusive and aloof all season.

What would make a year with Minnesota any different?

Oh, sure, Favre could get overly fired up to twice play the Packers (and Green Bay players would be the same toward him.)

But two games do not a season … or a comeback … make.

Favre was one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. He should keep it that way; not go out the way Willie Mays did so unfortunately in MLB.

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