Friday, May 15, 2009

MLB's 'greats' will never make Hall of Fame

First, Pete Rose became MLB’s all-time career hits leader with 4,256.

Then, Roger Clemens became the first pitcher ever to win seven Cy Young awards.

Finally, Barry Bonds became the all-time career home run king with 762.

Besides being all-time leaders, what else do these baseball “greats” have in common?

None of the three will ever make the Baseball Hall of Fame.

You can bet Rose will never get there due to his gambling on MLB games.

Clemens and Bonds not only are career leaders; they are also among the “leaders” in the clubhouse of those being exposed as probable cheats due to suspected drug usage.

It’s too bad that the modern era of MLB is so tainted. It’s even worse that perhaps the three finest players of their respective eras will never make the Hall of Fame.

But this is not a case for them getting there: In each instance, keeping them out of the Hall is justified.

What’s worse is that Alex Rodriguez may be the one to break Bonds’ record. And he’s certainly among the top … if not the top … cheaters of today.

On top of it all, Rose is already petitioning for A Rod to make the Hall of Fame despite the New York Yankees third baseman’s admitted drug usage.

“I'm willing to give a guy a second chance,” Rose said in an interview on “The Dan Patrick Show.” He later went on to say that steroid use is worse than someone such as himself betting on his own team to win.

No matter what, cheaters will be cheaters.

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sd sports guy said...

Keep these guys out! They don't deserve to be in the Hall of Fame!!!