Monday, May 4, 2009

Los Angeles Dodgers may be MLB's best team

One month does not a season make; but it sure makes the Los Angeles Dodgers look awfully good.

In fact, could the Dodgers be the best team in MLB right now?

They have already set a team record with a 10-0 start at home ... which is quite impressive considering how impressive the Dodgers have been over the past several decades.

Is there any stopping them?

Certainly not in the weak NL West. By August, the Dodgers should be setting up their playoff pitching rotation.

And that's where things could get interesting.

The Dodgers are off to their great start despite Opening Day starter Hiroki Kuroda being injured since Game 1.

Chad Billingsley, the only five-game winner in the NL, looks like a world beater. And the Dodgers will definitely go get an ace before the trading deadline.

It may not seem like much that the Dodgers just swept four games vs. the lowly San Diego Padres. But consider it was the first time LA ever swept a four-game home game series vs. the Padres, who have given the Dodgers fits over the years.

The Dodgers won easily Sunday while resting regulars Manny Ramirez, Rafael Furcal, Casey Blake and Russell Martin.

Put it this way: Any team with Blake batting No. 8 must be pretty darn good. He'd be batting No. 5 on numerous teams.

Watch out for those Dodgers!


kareem said...

The Dodgers are definitely the team to beat in the NL Worst. They are playing extremely well, especially at home with a 11-0 record there to begin the season. Their offense is great and when they get all of their pitchers back and if they are able to add an ace before the trading deadline, they will be awesome. I know the Padres more than likely would not do it but how tough would the Dodgers be if they added a Jake Peavy to their pitching rotation or someone else of his caliber? With the addition of another ace they would be hard to beat.

Anonymous said...

Until they have to play an AL team, Bis.