Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why are A Rod, Manny potential 2009 All Stars?

Alex Rodriguez is third in the American League All-Star voting at third base.

Manny Ramirez is fourth among National League outfielders in the voting.

So much for whether a person’s drug usage has an impact on how the fans feel ... at least when they vote.

There’s more reason than drug history not to vote for either player.

A Rod did not even begin his season with the New York Yankees until May 10 due to hip surgery in March.

Ramirez has not played for the Los Angeles Dodgers since May 6 because he is serving his 50-game suspension for taking performance-enhancing drugs.

Apparently, a guy (A Rod) can play 2 ½ weeks after an offseason plagued by questions about past drug involvement, yet still be considered an “All-Star.”

Or a guy (Manny) – who won’t even be eligible to come back till 11 days before the All-Star game – is still considered a “star” by many. (And considering Manager Joe Torre will send him to the minors for at least a week upon his return, Manny may not even be in the majors at the All-Star break.)

What keeps fans voting for these two guys?

Either they don’t know any better … or that’s the way it goes in New York and Los Angeles.

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kareem said...

If ever two players do not deserve to be All Stars this year, these two don't. They both have admitted using performance enhancing drugs during their careers; Alex previously and Manny this year and yet both could be possible all stars and Alex has played less than a month and he is better than the guys who have been there all season ... I think not. We as fans need to quit picking guys for the All Star game with our hearts and start making it what it is suppose to be. It's an honor and privilege based on performance this year on the field, or else just start calling it the all popular game not the All Star game for this year.