Friday, May 29, 2009

Padres sure know how to get other managers fired

Say this about the San Diego Padres:

They sure know how to be involved in the timing of somebody else’s manager being fired.

Back on May 7, the Padres hosted the Arizona Diamondbacks in an afternoon game. D-backs Manager Bob Melvin was out of work by that evening.

Now the Padres are in Colorado for a three-game weekend series vs. the Rockies.

Say goodbye to Colorado Manager Clint Hurdle.

Melvin’s undoing was never having a safe lead due to a horrible bullpen. (Just ask current manager A.J. Hinch.)

Hurdle raised expectations too high in Colorado with an amazing run at the end of the 2007 season that took the Rockies to the World Series. (Hey, they were never as good as that fluke of a three-week stretch.)

As for the Padres, they’ve done a magnificent job of saving the hide of their own manager … Bud Black.

His occupation was on the line from the beginning of 2009 with a contract that expires after this season and a team expected to do poorly this season.

Who would have ever thought that Black would outlast both Melvin and Hurdle?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Padres have had nice timing. Let's see if they can save their own manager this year. I'm not so sure the new owner is high on Buddy Black.

kareem said...

The Padres have had a knack of being there when other mangers in their division have been fired. Let us see if they can save Buddy Black or if he will be yet another causualty of the Padres strange season.