Thursday, April 19, 2007

Are umpires the show? Fat chance

Is David Wells fat? Make your own call by watching him on TV.
Is an umpire within his rights to call Wells fat? Fat chance … the answer is no.
Wells claims that first base umpire Doug Eddings rubbed his belly and made a gesture that Wells was fat Wednesday night. This came during an incident when Eddings was ejecting Wells for arguing from the bench.
In a he said/he said matter, Eddings denies making the gesture. But there’s no doubt the umpire was making a show of himself, according to what was shown on Channel 4 San Diego.
When such great umpires as Doug Harvey were working games, they realized they weren’t the show. Harvey would take it when someone argued with him, then he’d walk away. If Harvey was followed, that’s when an ejection also normally followed.
Today’s umpires could certainly learn from their predecessors with class, such as Harvey. It seems like all officials would have gotten a clue when referee Joey Crawford was suspended for the entire NBA playoffs because of his antics.
Doug Eddings obviously wasn’t paying attention.

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