Friday, April 6, 2007

Let's get past the home opener!

The home opener. Fans will be all dressed up. Petco Park will be all decked out, as if it’s a playoff game.
This only happens once a year. It’s the Padres vs. Colorado Rockies, Game 1 of 81 at Petco Park this regular season.
From an appearance standpoint, it’s the best of times. From other aspects, it’s the worst of times. Or did you not notice all the local TV stations this morning at Petco Park, who were tripping over themselves as if they are going to be there for games in mid-season.
It all goes back to Tony Gwynn’s comments about opening night. He always looked forward to the second night, because that’s when the real fans come out.
I’m sure there will be fans tonight wondering why the Cubs loaned Greg Maddux to the Padres to pitch their home opener. Or why Steve Garvey isn’t playing first base. Or why Bruce Bochy isn’t managing the Padres.
Many of the people who “have” to be there on opening night won’t “have” to be at another game until next year’s home opener. Of course, they’ll also be the first ones wondering why they can’t get playoff tickets if the Padres make the postseason.
Their called front-runners and they make up a large percentage of San Diego fans. Look at the Chargers. They barely sold out several of their early-season home games in 2006. By the time they won 10 straight and the bandwagon was in full gear, tickets were harder to come by than a snowy day in San Diego.
Enjoy opening night, since it only comes once a year. Just remember, the Rockies are also here tomorrow night. See you then!

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