Thursday, April 12, 2007

Right on schedule

Just what is up with Major League Baseball’s schedule makers?
Take a look at the Padres’ travel schedule over the next week and it will make you wonder.
After a Sunday night game in Los Angeles, the Padres travel to Chicago for games Monday night and Tuesday afternoon. Then they come all the way back from Chicago for home games Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon against Arizona. Those two games are followed by a three-day trip to Colorado.
When you break it down, the Padres will be in Chicago for less than 48 hours after leaving Los Angeles. Their stay at home will also be less than 48 hours before heading out to Colorado.
Logic tells me this isn’t logical. Wouldn’t it make more sense to hit Colorado and Chicago on the same trip, as well as play back-to-back series in Los Angeles and San Diego instead of Los Angeles-Chicago-San Diego-Colorado?
Major League Baseball’s schedule was designed by the husband-wife team of Henry and Holly Stephenson from 1981-2004. During their 24 years, it appeared as if there was more rhyme and reason to the schedule.
The Padres’ schedule over the next week won’t exactly be hanging in any museum soon under the category “work of art.”

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting that people are just now talking about hos brutal the Padres schedule is. You were a week ahead of the times. Nice to see someone who is so ahead of the pack.

La Mesa