Friday, April 20, 2007

Yankees-Red Sox: It's Getting Tired

Two years ago, Channel 4 San Diego announcer Matt Vasgersian described the Boston Red Sox-New York Yankees act as “tired.”
The Padres play-by-play voice had it right then … and he is certainly on the money more than ever now.
This weekend, the Yankees and Red Sox play their first series of the season. Pardon me while I yawn.
So what does this mean? How about ESPN, Friday night; Fox, Saturday afternoon; ESPN, Sunday night? Then next weekend, it’s Red-Sox Yankees again on Fox. Give me a break, national TV!
New Yorkers and East Coasters just don’t get it. Those of us in the most populated state in America (California) and others could give a darn about New York and the East Coast.
Want proof? The 2000 World Series featuring New York-New York recorded the lowest TV ratings in World Series history up to that time, according to Baseball Almanac.
During Game 5 of that Subway Series, 61% of the televisions in New York were tuned in to the game. Everybody else? The next 30 largest television markets, during that exact same viewing period, registered double-digit percentage losses compared to the New York City market for the Series.
What do we have this weekend with Yankees-Red Sox? How about a Yankees team that hasn’t won a World Series since beating another New York team seven years ago? How about a Boston team that finished third out of five teams in the AL East last year?
You can have Yankees-Red Sox. I’ll gladly take Cubs-Cardinals … or even Padres-Rockies … as a more than viable alternative this weekend!

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