Monday, April 23, 2007

Make no mistake about it

Make a sports-related mistake on San Diego sports television or radio and you will likely read about in the San Diego Union-Tribune’s sports TV-Radio column on Friday.
Make a mistake in the Union Tribune and … well, I guess you are above being criticized.
Take the April 21, 2007 edition of the paper, for instance. There was mention of a Chargers “playoff” game in New York in 1995, along with a local listing for a college football game that day between San Diego State and the Air Force Academy.
The Chargers-Giants game in question was played Dec. 23, 1995. It could not have been a playoff game for two reasons: (a) the NFL does not start its playoffs before Christmas, and (b) the Chargers and Giants could only meet in the Super Bowl since they play in separate conferences.
As for the SDSU-Air Force football game, that must have come as a shock to the Aztecs as they were scheduled for a spring scrimmage that day. With tongue in cheek, I guess the NCAA now allows colleges to play each other during spring practice.
In today’s paper (April 23, 2007), there is another glaring error. The Union-Tribune states than pitcher Greg Maddux had 344 career wins, which contradicts the fact he actually has 334 career victories.
Certainly, we all make mistakes. The Union-Tribune is no exception.
Next time the U-T jumps all over somebody else’s mistake, perhaps the paper should look inward first.

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