Monday, April 9, 2007

What was Bochy thinking?

What was Bruce Bochy thinking when he left the Padres for the San Francisco Giants?
Maybe he was thinking it was time to move on because the Padres showed no interest in renewing him as manager after his contract expired in 2007. Or perhaps he thought the Giants gave him his best chance at winning a third-straight NL West title.
After one week, Bochy appears to have made a foolish decision. His team is 1-5, tying its worst start ever (1967 and 1980) since the Giants moved west from New York in 1958. It’s easy to assume that will continue when the Giants start a three-game series in San Diego tonight against the Padres.
Not so fast!
Is Barry Zito going to continue on his pace with an 0-2 record and 8.18 ERA? Is Barry Bonds going to remain healthy, hurting the team more defensively and attitude-wise than he helps its offensively?
Never take one week of a six-month season and draw conclusions from it.
Remember when the Dodgers lost 13 of 14 following the All-Star break last year? Everybody said they were out of it. Remember when the Dodgers then immediately won 15 of 16? Many said they would win the World Series. They weren’t out of it after two horrible weeks; nor did they win anything in the playoffs after two great mid-summer weeks.
Austin Kearns of the Washington Nationals sure has it right after one week of the 2007 season. His team has an NL-worst record of 1-6, losing four straight.
"I laugh at people who hit the panic button after the first week," he said.
Baseball fans will probably be laughing at the Nationals all year. But don’t be so quick to hit the panic button with Bochy’s Giants, who could become a factor in the NL West, after all.

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