Sunday, May 4, 2008

Crabbe should bat leadoff for Padres

We all agree it is already a lost season for the Padres.

OK, on to the next step: Since it’s obvious the cheap management isn’t going to do much, what can be done with the players on board?

For starters, how about letting Callix Crabbe bat leadoff?

This is a team that is horribly devoid of speed. Crabbe would offer someone capable of running at the top of the order – unlike Brian Giles.

Maybe Crabbe wouldn’t get on base enough to be effective, but at least it’s time to find out.
Take Sunday’s latest disaster at Florida.

Crabbe laid down a great bunt single, then made it to second base despite falling. But batting eighth, the pitcher was behind him. At the top of the order, his speed could be utilized more effectively.

Where could Crabbe play? Anywhere but pitcher, catcher or first base ... so get him in the lineup somehow. (It’s not like half the lineup shouldn’t be replaced on the spot.)

Catcher Josh Bard had an interesting quote to the Good News, etc. publication this month about Crabbe.

"Callix has been a ray of sunshine around here," Bard said. He is a great kid and really enjoys playing."

So let him play ... and lead off!


sam said...

Maybe they should just blow up the whole team and start over ... with some money behind it. THAT would be a real solution.

kareem said...

It sure sounds like the Padres should give Crabbe a chance at least to lead off. They have so little speed in this line up and getting him standed at second with the pitcher batting behind him sure will not help the club. If this youngster has speed and enthusiasm then Let HIM PLAY LEADOFF.

brian said...


You sure are strong in what you say. I guess they should try something different ... even this.