Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What happened to Padres' starting pitching?

Remember when the Padres bragged about having perhaps the best starting pitching rotation in Major League Baseball?

Well, don’t look now, but …

Jake Peavy (4-2, 2.47) is not pitching like a Cy Young winner.

Chris Young (3-3, 3.94) has turned very average.

Greg Maddux (3-3, 3.60) will probably be gone to a contending team in July.

Randy Wolf (2-3, 5.16) has had a terrible May.

Aging Shawn Estes will make his first major-league start in more than two years tonight against the Chicago Cubs.

The starting pitchers were once thought to be the only strength among the Padres. Now, it looks as if the team does not have any strengths at all.


sam said...

Hey, Estes finally won a game tonight. Hopefully, the other guys were watching and learning.

kareem said...

The Padres starting pitching has certainly taken a turn in the wrong direction; people who were suppose to produce like Wolf, Young and Maddux are at .500 or worse. My question is: Is it the pitching or lack or run production behind them or a combination of both? The bottom line is when the pitching is good the offense does not seem to be and vice versa.