Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Padres line up well lately

The Padres have won three of four games since they altered their lineup.

This came directly in response to the team losing 18 of 22 previous games.

So is it the new lineup making the difference?

Jody Gerut hasn’t even been here a week since being recalled from the minors and is leading off.

Tadahito Iguchi bats second, and Brian Giles has been moved from first to third in the order.

Adrian Gonzalez is clean-up and Kevin Kouzmanoff bats fifth, each dropping one spot in the order from before.

Perhaps the new lineup is making a difference, but the test of time will tell.

The last time the Padres had a set lineup was on Opening Day, and they won three of their first four games …. just as they have with the new lineup.

History will tell whether the new lineup is a winner, or just a temporary fix for a losing team.


barry said...

Yeah, but the bullpen is a loser. They let another game get away tonight. Doesn't matter what your lineup is if you can't pitch.

kareem said...

It seems like the Padres new lineup is working so far. As Padres fans we can only hope it continues. Putting more younger speed at the top of the lineup cannot hurt; that is for sure.