Thursday, May 1, 2008

When will Padres get rid of Edmonds?

Sadly, the Padres need to get rid of Jim Edmonds.

He’s only hitting .153 through the first month of the season, but that’s not half the story.

Edmonds, one of the best center fielders of the last generation, isn’t even getting to balls that he used to catch easily.

The Padres have had a recent history of trying to squeeze all they can out of aging veterans. It’s starting to catch up with them … especially in the case of someone like Edmonds.

If they had acquired him five seasons ago, they would have been much better off for it. Not so in 2008.

Don’t be surprised if Chase Headley comes to the majors in late May to play left field, with Scott Hairston moving to center.

The Padres will call up Headley after the time in which he will have to wait another year before being eligible for arbitration (otherwise, he would be in the majors now.)

As the Padres limp into May, their already poor outfield situation is only getting worse.


brian said...

We always knew the outfield would be bad. They are proving it.

Kevin said...

And why is Joe Thatcher still on the MLB club? He obviously has some issues to work out.