Monday, May 12, 2008

Padres can't draw flies at Petco Park

Did anybody else notice how low the Padres’ attendance was this past weekend at Petco Park?

Playing their only home series in a three-week span, it seemed like the Padres couldn’t draw flies.

Friday night, Cy Young winner Jake Peavy pitched against the defending National league champion Colorado Rockies. Attendance: 31,057.

Saturday night, Greg Maddux earned his 350th career victory on a night when free Peavy T-shirts were given to fans. Attendance: 34,117. (Those free T-shirt giveaways used to draw 65,000 fans at Qualcomm Stadium.)

Sunday afternoon, the Padres won a series for the first time in nearly two months. Attendance: 28,624.

Obviously, the fans are already being turned off by the Padres.

When do the Chargers kick off their season?


jay said...

Did you see where the Padres just lost to the Cubs 12-3? I guess this means nobody will come to the park when they come back home next week.

kareem said...

Well I guess all good things have to come to end as did the Padres modest two game winning streak; but hey it was fun while it lasted. LOL.