Thursday, May 15, 2008

Interleague play benefits Padres

When it comes to interleague play, which begins Friday night, the Padres have it much easier than their two California rivals in the NL West.

The Padres get to play Seattle each year as their “natural rival.” The Los Angeles Dodgers must face the Anaheim Angels; while the San Francisco Giants are matched up against the Oakland Athletics.

Think about it for a minute. The Padres play a Seattle team that traditionally battles Texas for last place. The Dodgers and Giants are playing the year-in and year-out top two teams in the AL West.

What’s interesting is how this all breaks down. The Padres have a winning record against Seattle and losing record against the rest of the AL. The Dodgers and Giants have losing records vs. their “natural rivals,” but winning records against the remainder of the AL.

So we can’t feel too sorry for the Padres having to play the New York Yankees, Cleveland, Detroit and Minnesota this year.

It could be worse: They could be playing the Angels or Athletics every year in interleague action.


sam said...

I don't think anything can help the Padres. They're hopeless!

Anonymous said...

You think the Padres are bad? How about Pat Colabucci's last-place New York Yankees? They can't even beat the great Tampa Bay.

kareem said...

The Padres do seem blessed by getting to play Seattle; did not Texas just take 3 of 4 from them. The Mariners certainly are not the Angels.