Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Have Padres given up on 2008 season?

Have the Padres quit on the 2008 season?

It sure looked like it in Monday night’s 8-2 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals.

The night began with Scott Hairston dropping a fly ball over the fence for a two-run homer for Ryan Ludwick of St. Louis.

It ended with Josh Bard appropriately taking a called third strike.

In between, there was lack of effort, lack of execution and an overall lack of desire displayed by the Padres.

Sure, General Manager Kevin Towers is threatening to bring up a bunch of players from the minors.

But what good would that do? If those guys were good enough, they’d already be in the majors because this team has needed help all along the way.

Towers has only himself and the front office to blame for building a team with a lack of speed, power, pitching depth, outfielders, etc.

Sadly, with 116 games to play, it looks like the Padres have already cried “Uncle” for 2008.


sam said...

Why don't they just cancel the season?

kareem said...

Even though they won last night, it does look like the Padres may very well be throwing in the towel of '08. Number one pitcher on the DL, no offense, no defense, and not alot of anything else. Does Towers have the guts to really bring up the Triple A affiliate in masse? We will see as the season progresses.